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Adverse Weather

Dear Parents/Carers

In line with Aberdeenshire Council’s procedure for closing the school prior to 9am due to adverse weather please find below details of Logie Coldstone School arrangements.
Aberdeenshire Council strive to avoid closing schools but the safety of children and staff is paramount. Adverse weather can be very unpredictable and conditions can change for the better or worse at very short notice. This means that the schedule below has to be adapted to suit.

  • 6.30 – 7.00am I ring our transport provider/s to see if transport is running. I also contact our cook, and members of staff/parents living in Logie Coldstone to gauge the situation.
  • 7.00am I post as much information as possible on
    This information is then relayed automatically to various radio stations.
  • If at all possible updates will be posted by 7pm the night before in order for parents to make suitable personal arrangements.

It is the responsibility of each parent/carer to check the school closure status using the above information. This will also allow parents to check at a time convenient to themselves. The school information will be updated daily in the event of bad weather. Please note – information is only posted for closures or partial closures. Please do not phone school to confirm that it is open.

Should we need to close the school during the school day we will send an email and/or text message requesting that you, or a person appointed by you, collects your child. If your child is not collected and you have not been in touch to highlight any significant delay we will contact you or your appointed contact person.

We may need to enlist the valuable help of the Parent Council to assist in cascading information to you e.g. if electricity supply is interrupted and there is no access to email.
Obviously closing the school during the school day would be necessitated by exceptional circumstances and is a highly unusual situation, consequently we may have to adapt arrangements. We would never close the school without all children’s going home arrangements being confirmed.

Miss J Rogers
Head Teacher